Scottish Country Dancing

The Traditional Social Dance of Scotland

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Each year Scottish Country Dancing takes its place among the varied and exciting activities at the Seaside Highland Games.

Dating back to the early years of the 18th Century, Scottish Country Dancing enjoyed immense popularity as the Social or Ballroom dancing of Scotland. It wasn't until the early years of the 20th Century, however, that the music and dance of other nations, in particular American Jazz, began to threaten its popularity as Scotland's "Darling Diversion." In 1923, the Scottish Country Dance Society was founded for the purpose of preserving and publishing what many considered to be two of ScotlandĀ¹s greatest national treasures--its Country dances and music.

Today, the Society that began with just 27 interested patrons under the leadership of Dr. Jean Milligan and Mrs. Ysobel Stewart of Fasnacloich, has grown into a worldwide organization with over 21,000 members and 166 branches worldwide. The title "Royal" was bestowed upon the Society in 1951 by King George VI. In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II, herself a Scottish Country Dancer, became a Patron of the Society.

McBride Hall is the place to be for demonstrations of Scottish Country Dancing. Saturdays provide demonstrations by the Los Angeles Branch Demonstration Team, directed by Roberta Gotfried as well as dance demonstrations by members of local classes. There are always plenty of audience participation activities for those who would like to learn a bit of this traditional dance form. Unlike Highland Dancing which is competitive solo dancing, Country Dancing is non-competitive couples dancing and is enjoyed by dancers of all ages in a social setting.

On Sunday, McBride Hall will entertain you with music and singing by Rigel, a local scottish folk and dance music group, Three for Joy - a charming group of young people providing upbeat Scottish music a variety of scottish country dance class demonstrations, and finally, what has become an annual event: The "Jam Session." We enthusiastically invite all interested lads and lassies to come together to play their instruments and learn from others in this informal gathering of musicians and wannabe musicians.

We hope that you will stop by McBride Hall and join us for two days of music and dancing the Scottish way!

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